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The Data-Driven Gift-Giving Guide

Still trying to figure out what to get your loved ones this year? We’ll help you buy the perfect gift by following the data. 

You wouldn’t (we hope) base a business decision on a guess, just like you shouldn’t base your gift-giving on one. NowVertical’s mission is to empower organizations to make bold decisions with confidence, decisions backed by data. 

NOW Affinio is one of our tools that helps marketers make bold decisions regarding their audience, like who they should target, how, and where – all by giving them access to rich audience insights. 

So, to show you some of NOW Affinio’s capabilities, we’ve surfaced insights on 5 common audience segments, to help us predict what they want for Christmas. 

The insights included are a mix of each segment’s top interests, brands, shops, influencers, and more. So, if you’ve got a gamer, sports dad, teacher, comedy fan, or even a country music-loving mom to shop for this year, we’ve got you covered! 


We all know a gamer, but it makes it hard to shop for one if you yourself don’t game. So to make it easy, here’s what we’ve learned about them:

  • The majority of Gamer's audience is 31-year-old males. 
  • They self-describe as “streamers,” “twitch gamers,” “video gamers,” and “YouTubers”. 
  • Their top gaming brands include Xbox, Playstation, Twitch, Nintendo, IGN, Rockstar Games, and Ubisoft. 
  • They shop for all their gamer needs at GameStop, Newegg, Funko, Loot Crate, DX Racer, and Best Buy. 

#NintendoSwitch is a gamer’s top-used hashtag, suggesting they’re excited about it, and that this would make a great gift. Since odds are that they may already own one, you can buy their games and accessories for it. 

For example, get Nintendo Switch owners the new Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet game. If they own an Xbox or PlayStation, get them the new Destiny2 game, as this is their second most used hashtag. 

Not sure which gaming console they own? Get them a Best Buy gift card, as this store shows up as one of their top places to shop. A new gaming chair from DXRacer or headphones from Turtle Beach are also a win with this audience.

Comedy Fans

Have you got a comedy fan to shop for? Here’s what we found:

  • The majority of this audience is made up of females aged 34 who self-describe as geeks, nerds, writers, and artists. 

  • Their most dominant top traits include following funny actors and comedians. 

  • The top brands for this cluster are a mix of streaming services, Starbucks, and Funko, and they tend to shop on Etsy and Amazon. 

  • The Daily Show, The Tonight Show, and SNL are among their favorite shows, and they also enjoy the Marvel and Star Wars movies. 

  • Parks and Recreation and The Office are among their top TV series. 

With that said, we know that a gift card to a streaming service they don’t already use might be a hit with this audience to check out some new trending content. If you’re thinking of buying a book, get Trevor Noah’s new autobiography “Born A Crime”. They would love the SNL quiz board game from Amazon, or some Star Wars or sitcom memorabilia from Funko. A more personalized touch would be a gift from Etsy, like The Office-themed ornament or a funny Ron Swanson sweater. 


If you’re looking to recognize that special teacher in your kid's life, take a look at these cluster insights:

  • Females aged 36 make up the majority of this audience segment. 
  • They self-describe with words like elementary, grade, learner, math, and middle school. 
  • Their top favorite brands include Scholastic, Starbucks, LEGO, LittleBits, and NPR Books, and they shop on Amazon and at Target. 
  • Nearpod and Edpuzzle are among their top teacher resources. 
  • They are influenced by people like author Donalyn Miller (also a teacher), public speaker Adam Welcome, and educators like Angela Maiers, Pernille Ripp, and Kelly Gallagher. 

We think that Teachers have to buy enough of their own supplies for their classroom out of their own pocket - so why not get them a bundle of books or a gift card from Scholastic? Their website makes it easy for you to select the grade you are buying for, and which books they recommend for that stage. 

It’s no surprise that teachers run on coffee and that Starbucks is their top place to get it, so why not buy them a personalized tumbler from Etsy? Depending on the grade they teach, LEGO might be a safe bet. 

You could also buy a book from one of their top influencers, like “The Book Whisperer” by Donalyn Miller. Nearpod is a great teacher resource that supplies interactive lessons and videos, and although they have a free version, you can buy a gift card for them to use the paid version. 

Sports Dads

This category could even be focused on that fave uncle, stepdad, or the like — but in any sense, we also know that sports guy in the family that only wears team jerseys and clears his schedule for a tournament or play-off. Here’s how to shop for them and find the sports gift they didn’t know they needed:

  • The majority of this cluster is made up of males aged 35. They have the MLB, NFL, and NBA listed in their bios. 

  • Their top brands include Topps (for sports collectables), Callaway Golf, Titleist, Nike Basketball, and Under Armour. 
  • They are fans of the games NBA 2K and Madden NFL 23. 
  • Their top sports announcers/influencers are Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport, Stephen A. Smith, and Adrian Wojnarowski. LeBron James, Chris Mortensen, and Stephen Curry are among their top favorite athletes. 

Based on these insights, we recommend buying the Sports Dad in your life some collectibles from Topps (check out their top sellers for recommendations), the NBA 2K game, a top-selling sweater from Under Armour, top-rated Callaway golf balls, or a book about Lebron James called, “The Return of the King.” 

If you’re shopping for a mom who also happens to be a country music fan this year, these insights could help you pick the perfect gift. 

  • They are younger moms, who are on average 34 years old. 
  • Some of their top brands include Ipsy, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Kylie Cosmetics, Michael Kors, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Tarte Cosmetics. 
  • Their top music stars include Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and Carrie Underwood. 
  • They are influenced by public figures like Mackenzie Douthit, Kim Williams-Paisley, and Heather Thompson.

With those insights, we recommend buying them a subscription for a monthly beauty box from Ipsy, a popular Kylie lip kit like the one shown above, a Michael Kors best-selling wallet, Carrie Underwood tour merch, or a cute PJ set from Victoria’s Secret. 

There you have it, a gift guide backed by data! We hope this helps you build out a winning Christmas list, and when in doubt, keep the receipt.

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