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5 Insights To Include In Your Next Winning Pitch Deck

Winning a new client for your agency is hard work. Assuming every pitch has 4 competing agencies, you only have a 25% chance of winning. Here are 5 insights to add to your next pitch deck, proven to help you stand out from the rest.

1. Audience Segmentation 

Identifying the subgroups within your client’s target audience guarantees that you’re going to deliver more tailored messaging and a stronger audience connection. If you really want to ‘wow’ them though, you won’t show them demographic segmentation — they’ve seen that before. Instead, provide them with interest-based segmentation - by grouping their audience based on shared interests and affinities: 


2. The Key To Their Audience’s Heart

You should come off as knowing more about their audience than they do. Be able to describe each sub-group, and specifically what they love most — from their top TV shows to their favorite fast food brands. The more categories of interests you can include for audience members, the better informed you look!


3. A Look At How Their Audience Behaves Online

Show them which hashtags their audience is using, the websites they're visiting, and the top articles they’re reading - basically, all the insights needed to craft an epic content strategy.


4. Show Them Who Has The Most Influence Over Their Target Audience

Showcase who their audience looks up to for ideating on possible influencers (both micro and macro) they should be working with.


5. How To Reach Them

List the top media outlets for reaching their target audience, showing where you can get more bang for their ad buck (versus a spray-and-pray approach to finding new prospects).


With insights this granular you must be thinking that a lot of time and research is required. Think again! All the insights shown above were taken from one Affinio audience report that took one minute to build.

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