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5 Rich Insights That Help You Decode Shopper Behavior In Seconds

We think you’ll agree it's harder than ever to gain rich, competitive shopper insights without relying on a data science team or multiple vendor solutions.  

Luckily, NOW Affinio’s new partnership with Ibotta means that everyone can now access turnkey shopping analytics. Understand motivations, unravel trends, and decode the elements of shopper behavior in seconds - no SQL required.  

In this guide, we will outline the top five rich, data-driven insights you can uncover about your shoppers when using our new Ibotta Shopper & Basket Analytics solution. 

1. Identify trending behaviors among shopper segments 

The beauty of our Ibotta solution is that you are able to slice and explore 5 million+ shoppers to find out what is generally trending among them. For example, you can carve out segments by age (e.g. 25-34) to see actionable insights such as their high affinity towards diapers, caffeinated drinks, packaged lunches, and snack crackers. These millennials look to comprise many new parents who are undoubtedly buying for their babies and toddlers, as well as purchasing caffeine for themselves to keep up! And, no surprise, their top retail channel is online for the much-needed convenience. 

screen shot 2022 09 28 at 5 14 24 pm

2. Determine how loyal your customers are - and their branded basket substitutes

We searched exclusive buyers of Pampers and not Huggies. The insights tell us that Pampers’ loyalists are spending across all baby-related categories. They prefer shopping online, and indulge in wine and facial masks for relaxation. This group is 60% larger than the non-loyalist Pampers consumers who also buy competitive Huggies brand.

screen shot 2022 09 28 at 5 14 35 pm

3. Get behind the habits of specialty buyers

Diet fads are forever changing, and we make it easy to explore them. Take the example of people buying Keto-related products. These dieters are known to reach for low carb, high-fat products. Wonderworks leads the pack as their top brand. Products co-labelled with gluten-free are also highly popular. Sweet flavors (especially caramel) and alcohol are both still consumed by this otherwise health-conscious group.

screen shot 2022 09 28 at 5 14 42 pm

4. Uncover hot pairings of items in shopping carts (basket analysis)

Curious to find the next baked feta pasta trend? Easily conduct your basket analysis in platform to see what else customers buy in relation to your product. In the example below, we can see that purchasers of Jiffy Pop also commonly buy chocolate and marshmallows along with it. It looks like this stovetop popcorn has a fan base among s’mores-loving campers. Insights like these may ultimately influence your marketing team's recipe ideation, co-marketing, product placement, and seasonal displays.

screen shot 2022 09 28 at 5 14 52 pm

5. See which products are dominating within a category

Easily look up any category and uncover its top-selling items. In this example, we’re looking at spirits, more specifically the ready-to-drink (RTD) category, and discovering that margarita drinks are all the rage right now. No matter the packaging format - pouch, bottle, cans - they have huge popularity.


screen shot 2022 09 28 at 5 14 59 pm

Historically, if you wanted insights this deep, you might rely on backlogged Data Science teams or multiple vendor solutions to piece insights together. But that could mean waiting weeks or months on answers to your most pressing shopper questions. The magic of the NOW Affinio + Ibotta solution resides in how easy it is for anyone to use - all the insights you see above took seconds to surface, no PhD required.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Click here to sign up for a demo and learn more.

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